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As the largest in Fujian province polycrystalline cell production of the New Energy Company, in the talent selection, the company has always adhered to the "internal training primarily, supplemented by external recruitment recruitment principle", and take "rolling" out of the way of circular culture import. In the increasingly competitive talent market, talents cultivation of sun earth company always adhere to the "policy of training professional training and comprehensive training synchronization" talent, technology personnel that cultivating expert and comprehensive management personnel, so as to let the sun earth relying on more powerful people to strategy as the company's development and growth.
The company strategy of personnel training system by the "Eagle plan", "Eagle scheme", "Eagle scheme" and "Eagle program" four parts, by the four parts together constitute the company strategic talent pool.
The first "Eagle plan": through various recruitment channels, to recruit self-motivated, willing to learn, positive enterprising graduates into the company culture, it has gradually become the backbone of the backbone of the business technology department, etc.;
Second "Eagle program": through the existing in-service staff and the work is full 2 years, have further develop common potential employees for training, it has gradually become the heads of the various departments;
"Eagle program" third: through further training the middle management cadre of potential to train company, which gradually grew into can Dudangyimian talent, talent as a company director, manager, director post reserves;
Fourth "Eagle program": through the cultivation of the company's existing senior management personnel and technical leading personnel, it has gradually become a comprehensive talents, ready for the strategic expansion of the company in the future.


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