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The domestic interest rate cuts, photovoltaic photovoltaic
News Source:guangfu    Date:2015-03-06    Hit:1242
The domestic interest rate cuts,photovoltaicphotovoltaic power stationfeasthas just begunto gradually move towardsthe era of huge profits
 For photovoltaic power plants practitioners, investors, in fighting for the cause, the biggest New Year's gift and touched yesterday in two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang's government work report mentioned, to develop wind power, photovoltaic power generation and other new Energy, Premier Li Keqiang said: "Energy production and consumption revolution, related to development and people's livelihood, to develop wind power, photovoltaic, biomass, energy-saving and environmental protection industries should fight the new pillar industries." To develop wind power, photovoltaic power generation, biomass, and actively develop hydropower, nuclear power safety, exploitation of shale gas, coal bed methane. Control of total energy consumption, strengthen key areas of industrial, transportation, construction and other energy saving.
National Energy Board new director Nur - Bekri recently told the media first visit, also proposed to speed up the optimization of energy structure, promote energy supply revolution. To develop wind power, solar power, hydropower and other renewable energy, scientific organization of peaking, FM, storage supporting capacity, effectively solve abandoned wind, abandoned water, abandoned light problem.
With the clear support of the implementation of the policy of photovoltaic power plants and propulsion, as well as national leaders and the leadership of the National Energy Board, the state policy in the field of photovoltaic power plants be clarified to support more investment photovoltaic power plant at the policy level almost has no worries.
In addition to the government work report of concern to everyone, yesterday "Little Mount expect the ECB to cut interest rates to 3%" has shocked the entire financial circles, although the ECB eventually leading euro-zone interest rates of 0.05% to maintain the same, but the European Central Bank in March 9th begin QE, debt purchase 60 billion euros per month, while approaching the expected negative interest rates did not change, the world's major central banks cut interest rates further, the trend has not changed printing money.
The ECB cut interest rates at current trends and global central banks, the new domestic energy circles believe RRR cuts are just beginning, for photovoltaic power plants rely on such financing industry, financing costs directly determines the long-term rate of return, with the constant rate cut yield photovoltaic power plants will also be greatly improved.
Photovoltaic power plant investment period in 20-25 years, or even longer, by the international environmental impacts, but it is expected that domestic interest rates in the next 10 years, or even five years, will be in Europe, Japan in line, though not so ECB exaggeration, zero interest rates, -3% interest rate, domestic interest rates and domestic lending in foreign financing costs approaching, approaching 3%, 2% or even completely available period.
Most of the actual investment and financing in accordance with the current ratio of 1: 4 (20% of the actual capital) is calculated for each 1% interest rates, annual investment income interest savings equivalent to the return on investment is only increased by 4%, while the majority of long-term financing and grid-connected photovoltaic power plant cost at about 7%, some even up to about 8%. If we invest photovoltaic power plants in the next year just in interest on savings, return on investment may increase by 20%.
Even then reduce financing costs to about 5%, saving only about 10% of interest income, and net income are not the majority of the industry to 10%, while the domestic use of foreign capital financing costs of around 3%, the savings on the interest portion of income over 15%, with further innovation various financing methods, expand, open, photovoltaic power plants is a step by step towards the era of huge profits.
Whether it is also future generations a blue sky, or economic, investment is an investment in the future of photovoltaic power plants!

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