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Solar charging treasure: there is light electricity? 80 hours to fully charge
News Source:guangfu    Date:2015-03-06    Hit:1473
"There is light power, on the sun, rain, cloudy, street lights, LED lamp, anytime, anywhere in charge" --- after the Spring Festival, a Vig brand solar mobile charging treasure become micro-channel circle of friends scraper tool. Its "As long as light can charge" advertising popular language. The nominal capacity of 20,000 mA solar mobile charging artifact, if we can solve the urgent needs it? Chengdu Business Daily specially commissioned expert National PV Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center conducted a field evaluation.
Recently, the National Standards Commission issued "portable electronic products using lithium-ion batteries and battery safety requirements" (GB31241-2014) national standards announcement, the standard will be implemented from August 1. It is reported that the introduction of the standards for the safety of lithium-ion batteries and lithium-ion battery itself as a key component of the "charge treasure" and other related products increase will have a very important significance.
Jingdong, Taobao and other electronic business platform, just type "solar mobile charging treasure" keyword pop darling little more dazzling, Jingdong only as many as 480 balance, the retail price ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred dollars . The following comments concern, they will find a lot of post-purchase users are complaining about the so-called solar charging is not too slow is not on full charge. Among them, the most attention is the easy grid solar charging treasure.
The solar hot on the network charge "artifact" in the end what ability it? March 4 in the afternoon, the experts National PV Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Wang Goude and Chan Pin conducted evaluation.
The first test
Hundred Days in Chengdu or need in order to fully
"Vig solar charging treasure" in advertising, said that even under the street lights, LED lights, and other conditions can be charged, and that "charging speed and line charge as fast." Inspection Center experts carefully lifted with a tool cover charge treasure found that this charge treasure by surface silicon solar panels, circuit boards and two battery components. Solar panel charging, a red indicator light will light up on the board. Under bright indoor lights, charging red indicator treasure convulsively suddenly off the board, is very unstable, the slightest shade panels, lights immediately extinguished. By then the solar panels into the windowsill of natural light, red light remains bright, indicating that the state has been in charge.
"It should be noted that receive light energy into electrical energy conversion efficiency, and energy, is a different concept. Currently, the conversion of solar energy products, on average about 15%, which means that 1,000 watts of solar panels to absorb energy, Theoretically transforming the energy is about 150 watts, but the premise is the quality of the conversion equipment and qualified. "Experts point out that in the midday sunlight conditions, the energy per square meter of solar panels available to about 1000 watts," Vig Solar charging treasure "This solar panel surface area of ​​about 0.0089 square meters, down conversion needs lasted about 80 hours can be filled with solar panels charge the treasure under the sea level at midday strong sunlight conditions, which means that if it is in Chengdu Under this sunshine is not very adequate geographical or street lamp, LED illumination conditions mentioned in the slogan, which is filled with the required time is required even ten times the length of a hundred times. After calculating insiders told reporters: "! Estimated that about 100 days in Chengdu need to be completely filled with 20,000 mA"
The second test
Battery capacity of less than 20,000 mA
"Vig solar charging treasure" with a nominal capacity of up to 20,000 mA, USB output is 5v. Experts found that there were two 14.8 watt-hour battery charge treasure inside. "According to this configuration can not be reached, the popular thing to say a nominal 20,000 mAh is this mobile power capacity virtual target circumstances exist."
By conversion formula, let charge treasure 20,000 mA nominal capacity of at least seven of the battery needs. That this Vig Solar Power Battery capacity serious vacuity, may actually only one-third of its mark.

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