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PV power plant operation and maintenance of knowledge sharing
News Source:guangfu    Date:2015-03-06    Hit:1260
1. Material Code Management
Material Code's goal is through the establishment of electronic information database, comprehensive inventory and maintenance records important information (including product attributes, quality levels, inventory parameters, etc.) to facilitate the visitor station (the demand side and the supply side) use and query thus improving the efficiency of materials management, to ensure safety in production power plant units. Coding is the most important part of material goods in the supply chain is the basis of materials management and procurement, material coding main tasks include material coding system construction, material encoding rules determine, production materials coding, coding alternative supplies, materials quality grading, material coding re-code recognition and updated coding system construction materials, encoded data entry, coding and maintenance supplies.
2. storage materials management (tools, spare parts, consumables)
To make full use of resources, according to the similarity of business management, in coordination with the principle of convenience for the production of materials to implement a unified management, warehouse materials management organizational processes include warehousing operations, warehousing and regulations and program management, warehousing operations management (material inspection, material differences in processing , materials packaging, warehousing, refunding, inventory management, purchasing and inventory control, maintenance and repair supplies, etc.), storage security management, materials management at different levels, storage device management, materials management transfer, temporary storage materials management, warehousing and distribution planning management, warehousing cost management, material life cycle management, process management, scrap materials, unusual materials disposal processes, such as warehousing and document management.
3. Storage Facilities Management
Configuring storage facilities, maintenance, maintenance supplies will determine the quality of safe, effective, orderly degree. There are shelves of storage facilities, fire systems, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, lifting equipment, transport equipment, heating devices, scan code equipment, communications equipment and information systems. Storage facilities, inventory management mainly includes facilities management, facilities maintenance and maintenance, replacement facilities management, facilities regularly test facility inspection records management and so on.
The material inventory and purchasing management
Material storage power station staff need to determine the minimum inventory of materials, the minimum amount of inventory stock is subject to the headquarters of the audit, according to the power plant to supplement the procurement of materials usage, the procurement process should be consistent with the Company in accordance with the requirements of the procurement process actual power plant.

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