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Use of solar power to get the shop lighting
News Source:    Date:2015-03-06    Hit:1374
"Come ah, here are stores with solar power, and today the sun is not large, the store actually can be so bright!" March 2, I heard a bike enthusiast rebellion, I then went to Mianyang Fu Three Peng Plaza City Road embankment by selling a bike shop to see, shop door has a large gray and black solar panels, is it relied on electricity to provide lighting? Shopkeeper replied, "that is." Environmental Daren early adopters since installed solar power system Shopkeeper called Meng soldiers, in addition to his usual bike shop to take care of this, but also like pondering some of the environmental issues, often making use of waste materials useful things. Last November, he will open a new store here, we found that the facade is wide, can be used outside of a larger space, if you install a solar panel to power for himself, would not be both energy-efficient, but also save you a tariff? Went ahead, Bangladesh soldiers according to the size of the door frame, customized six solar panels and assembled them together, occupy just 6.2 meters wide and 1.6 meters high door, this solar panel is about 10 square meters, the largest actually reached 1.5 kilowatts of power. He will solar panels fixed to the door frame, and the lead wires to the indoor. Masonry wall at the side of the facade of a "fireplace" style control system, the solar controller, battery, AC-DC inverter and switch and other components have been installed in, the entire solar system is complete. Install the system took about two million monthly probation province electricity 1/3 Placed in front of a bunch of control systems that may seem simple, but it cost him a lot of energy. Meng Bing told the author, supporting the supply of some of these things, and some can only own separate purchase. Starting from design to specific procurement unit spent a month, month and time-consuming installation. He pointed to the "fireplace" told reporters following a battery, a lot of solar energy equipment is specially designed, the battery voltage is 12 volts, looks about the same with the car battery, but the battery on the car for high-current charge, this is small current charge, and therefore can not just buy a car battery to use. The DC and AC inverter to convert each other, is an expensive device, and only use this equipment in order to allow a 12-volt DC solar power emitted into 220-volt AC power. By the end of January this year, Bangladesh soldier on trial solar power. Meng Bing, the system is simple to use, the controller displays charge status indicator light above, if the electric charge enough, it will be part of his power to the lamp is switched to battery power. Because it is winter, the energy generated by the sun is not yet enough, it can only intermittent use of solar energy. When the battery inside the power shortage, the system will issue a warning, he put the power switch to the power grid. I understand that in this separated into two layers inside the shop a total of 77 lights are used in energy-saving lamps. Meng Bing said that a total of 77 lights add up to only 1.1 kilowatts, usually generally used more than 20 lamps, which are about 300-500 watts of power. After he gave the author calculations, a few months before, he spent more than 470 yuan per month in electricity, and solar-powered trial last month, his electricity only 298 yuan, compared with about one-third of the savings before an electricity. Meng Bing said that he installed a solar equipment 1500 watts, a total investment of about two million, and is now able to save about 170 yuan a month of electricity, its rate of return is a bit low. But he said that as the life of the solar system for a long, long time is worth the investment point of view, from the point of view of environmental protection and energy conservation, is priceless. Relevant departments: Such as the grid can also enjoy energy subsidies For personal use of solar energy, the electricity sector how to treat it? I learned from relevant departments of Mianyang power company learned that individuals with this environmentally friendly way power for their own use, there is no problem, but if a relationship with the grid, then, need to go to the electricity sector registration to secure the power supply to regulate the electricity sector management. If the power grid, after declaration approved and networks, but also enjoy the National Renewable Energy energy subsidies. However, due to the current self-built solar power plants to invest in expensive, not many people respond.

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