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Building integrated solar technology to strengthen the promotion of legislation
News Source:guangfu    Date:2015-03-06    Hit:1396
In February 2015, "Beijing Daily" published in Beijing, Beijing mayor and district magistrate signed letters of responsibility on the 2015 construction of key environmental task content. Among them, the Clean Air Action Plan goals and tasks the Department for the "Beijing Clean Air Action Plan 2013-2017 priority tasks," the annual work measures are implemented, and is expected to 2017, Beijing will launch six districts of the city without Coal City. 2014 combines the two countries jointly issued the "Sino-US Joint Statement on Climate Change", China's relevant environmental initiatives are gradually implemented and bear fruit. We can say that 2015 was the beginning of the crucial year of energy saving, energy saving building will be one of the important tasks.
Currently, energy-saving building has achieved initial results, but the key point is that the emission reduction task of building behind the heating mode adjustment. Renewable energy can play a certain extent, the substitution of the original heating mode, therefore, effectively the development of renewable energy will be important, so, control haze weather will occur at the source. In fact, some of the energy utilization technology has been able to achieve an alternative to non-renewable energy sources. In terms of building energy conservation, solar thermal efficiency is higher alternative renewable energy sources. Beijing, for example, by the end of 2013, existing residential building area more than 400 million square meters, if will include heating, cooling, hot water solar building integrated technology platforms and power generation capabilities of the application of these existing residential buildings, can significantly reduce the haze generation, improve environmental quality.
China is in the economic restructuring and the development of integrated environmental and ecological construction, solar thermal sector is facing new opportunities for development, just building heating, the solar thermal technology can fully realize the alternative to the traditional coal-fired furnace. But the reality is that solar thermal energy field of the current market, policy-oriented and active public awareness is still not clear.
In this regard, I think, first of all, the hot field of solar energy market already has the capacity and industrial development, the relevant government departments should seriously consider the value and significance of building integrated solar energy technology development, and strengthen the legislative building; promote the implementation of building integrated solar energy the relevant provisions of synchronous design, construction, inspection and so on; to build solar building integrated application of standard system and project management system; at the same time the introduction of appropriate promotion, support, subsidies and other policies. This will help to achieve the level of the floor in the building construction of solar technology, the technology in this field there are norms to follow, there are regulations to tell.
Second, the development of renewable energy utilization mechanism in line with the market rules, contract energy management will meet the requirements of development under the new normal. Due to the use of solar thermal energy management standard contract has not issued, so the contract energy management projects in renewable energy is not in the category of subsidies. In addition, the contract energy management talent pool will also be a shortage Another obstacle to the development of the industry. Should improve energy management contract personnel professional level and professionalism, and increase efforts to train personnel in this field, the formation of the talent pool and training system, in order to respond to the needs of current and future social development.
Third, building integrated solar technology is a comprehensive technology, the use and promotion are at the forefront of the country, the need to promote joint research institutes of different agencies and departments the power to participate in the various aspects of energy conservation and the organization of work . According to energy conservation related planning advice, should fully promote the use of solar energy resources are relatively abundant construction area of ​​solar heating and cooling systems, and gradually change the urban and rural living environment, providing an important guarantee for our country to achieve "Sino-US Joint Statement on Climate Change" goal.

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