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PV power plant financial difficulties and countermeasures
News Source:guangfu    Date:2015-03-06    Hit:1299
Under growing pressure on the environment, PV as a powerful measure to improve the living environment is favorable and the pursuit of people inside and outside the industry. August 2013, the Chinese government made an unprecedented effort to promote the comprehensive development of photovoltaic industry policy, making the industry is competing to become the focus of attention of various capital.
In the formulation of photovoltaic power generation capacity in 2014, when planning, leadership and experts painstakingly Energy Board, in full consideration of the case of Power and Energy, developed and distributed 6GW installed ground targets 8GW installed. Look at the situation from the first half, the goal to form a super-hot and distributed ground installed installed severe cold embarrassment.
While various government agencies and businesses advocate support for the photovoltaic industry, but after nearly 10 years of industry turmoil, thinking and risk awareness related institutions photovoltaic industry more and more mature. Sit on the sidelines while the financial sector has become the biggest obstacle to many industry experts blamed PV installed capacity target difficult to complete.
The author is not a financial person, but for some people in the industry to present DG quite stagnant blamed financial view. I personally believe that in the photovoltaic industry called for financial support through a variety of channels, it should reflect on why the financial industry but also for the future of both photovoltaic this industry the benefit of mankind so hesitant and see it?
For the photovoltaic industry, whether it is the ground station, or distributed power plants, the financial industry hesitant following main reasons:
2 ground station photovoltaic earnings uncertainty is difficult to predict the high financial risk factors
2.1 is a major factor limiting electric power grid ground station revenue is difficult to determine
Current financial model ground station is good to see, but there is a fatal flaw. I believe the Northwest in general terms the ground station on financial projections, should be better than conventional power generation industry. Unfortunately, none of these financial models calculate the power plant operations during brownouts loss. If the investment forecast can get a 15% return on capital returns, the current annual northwestern provinces of structural failure of brownouts and power rationing just reached 10%, the return is estimated to be redone. The most terrible is that, different from traditional power point is that the value of the PV plant with technology innovation, every year is a gradual impairment. In other words, the same capacity of traditional power point, after 5 years can preserve or even appreciate. But photovoltaic plant in five years, due to technological development, in addition to fees and electricity also retains the right to the same value, then the device itself, basically power plants are out of the device, there is no possibility of a full realization.

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