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Small solar thermal power project financing model for the use of the public to raise it?
News Source:guangfu    Date:2015-03-06    Hit:1306
Since few solar thermal power project developer mode using the public to raise financing for its projects, more and more developers have begun to choose this financing model. So, using this financing model for small solar thermal power project financing feasibility in the end what?
2013, Australian citizen owned energy network organization renewable (CORENA) decided to Australia construction of a 50MW installed capacity of solar thermal power generation projects using public financing raising mode. This financing model through the network is very simple: Supporters can donate money directly to a special account set up for the project entitled "BigWin" in, wait until after the project is to raise enough money to be able to begin construction.
CORENA MargaretHender President said that if there are 72 million people willing to pay $ 8 per week (about $ 300 / year), it is estimated that they could raise a year to build an installed capacity of 50MW and accompanied by light 3 hours of molten salt thermal storage system funds needed for thermal power projects.
MargaretHender that, compared to raise project finance public financing model has several key advantages, such as it can eliminate the cost of financing solar thermal power projects. At the same time the public to raise financing model allows great significance and value of the project can not simply seek commercial rate of return from the perspective of the building is obtained. Nevertheless, MargaretHender recognize all chip mode also exists a big flaw, it is so that people of such a large amount of voluntary contributions is a big challenge, especially a lot of people for this new financing model is not familiar with.
After the first slow-fast rule of the congregation to raise financing
So far, CORENA has raised $ 37,436 for the above 50MW solar thermal power projects. Margaret Hender said the distance of the target figure very much worse. But it at least shows that this financing model and goal setting has caused a lot of people's sympathy. For MargaretHender, the main challenge is the problem of drop in the ocean.
MargaretHender said: "According to the observations, if people think there will certainly be another 719,999 people will participate in the donation, then we will be very happy to participate in the new public donations to raise this law many times in CORENA organization called 'QuickWin''s. financing activities have been validated, 'QuickWin' is a model for financing by the public to raise funds for the community about $ 20,000 to build small-scale photovoltaic projects for financing public facilities. People tend to project at the beginning of some donations may be relatively slow, But in the end will soon donate thousands of dollars over the general. "
Margaret Hender believes Australia Renewable Energy Agency and other climate-related groups and even solar thermal power industry companies that can raise the public financing of solar thermal power project to achieve the target as quickly as possible to provide a great help. But she said if there is no detailed project plan and the planned use of funds, unable to draw the attention of these institutions and enterprises. She thought it was a no good way to solve thorny problems.
Margaret Hender said: "Obviously the beginning of an ambitious public-chip thermal power project plan is a huge challenge, because there is no precedent for a similar financing model allows us to predict how many will ultimately obtain financing .CORENA approach for uncertainty is: We guarantee to donors, no matter how much financing ultimately, they will be fully utilized in renewable energy projects, even a much smaller scale PV projects or similar renewable energy projects. "

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