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Service Response
Thank you for your choice of sun earth (Fujian) Limited new energy products, welcome you to join the big family of sun earth solar product users. In the future, in the land of sunshine solar energy products used in the process, you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will serve wholeheartedly for you.
1、Pre sales service:Planning, design, field measurements and provide full and reasonable solution, free of charge to provide product related technical consultation.
2、Sale of services:To receive your inquiries at any time, with the fastest speed delivered to your designated place of delivery, ensure the safety of goods in transit.
3、After-sale service:Receiving your customer feedback after the call, response within 1 hours, 48 hours after sale service personnel appointment telephone communication or arrived at the scene to discuss treatment programmes, returns and other services.
Customer service hotline0595-26662999 / 0595-26661888 To customer service
The sun earth is committed to provide users with safe, economic, environmental and energy service.

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